Identification Requirements

Why we ask you to prove your identity and address

Before we act for you we will require you to provide us with proof of your identity and home address for our own risk management and for compliance with Anti-money Laundering and Prevention of Terrorist Financing legislation. We may have to do this even if you are our existing client.

We will also ask you to provide further information about transactions which you instruct us to undertake on your behalf.

We hope that you will appreciate that this process is required by law and not find it unnecessarily intrusive.

Private Individuals

When acting for you we are required by law to check your identity and we may also wish to confirm information about your credit status.

We will ask you to supply original documents (e.g. a current passport or driving licence and utility bill or bank statement which is no more than three months old) as confirmation of your identity and home address. Any documents provided will be scanned into our system to prove our Anti-money Laundering compliance.

In order to verify the information you provide to us we may also carry out an electronic Anti-money Laundering search about you.

Corporate and other business clients

Before we can act on behalf of the Company we will need to check the existence of the Company on the Companies House website and also to confirm that the person representing the Company providing instruction to us has proper authority to do so. Additionally we will need to verify the identity of all persons who exercise significant control over the Company. For individuals the proofs required will be as per the Private Individuals section above.

Source of funds and cash receipts

You will also need to provide us with supporting evidence as to the source of any money involved and full details of any third party to whom you may instruct us to send funds and why.

No cash amount of over £1,000 will be accepted by the firm.

Please note that any change in your original financial instructions to us may result in a delay or affect our ability to proceed on your behalf.