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Legal updates

17 August 2017 Wills and estates

Local solicitors Sian Foster and Laura Schofield from Ware & Kay Solicitors based in York, Wetherby & Malton have defended lasting powers of attorney (LPA) after Denzil Lush, the former Senior Judge of the Court of Protection, warned they may leave elderly people open to abuse. An LPA is a powerful legal document that allows a person to appoint trusted individuals to make important decisions about care and finances on their behalf, in the event of a loss of mental capacity through an accident or illness such as dementia. In the foreword to a new book on the subject, Mr Lush raised concerns about the "lack of transparency" in how appointed attorneys manage older people's finances. The former judge went on to criticise the Ministry of Justice as being "disingenuous" in its promotion of the…

09 August 2017 Employment advice

On 12 July 2016 changes to illegal working offences in the Immigration Act 2016 came into force, introducing tougher penalties for employers found to be flouting the rules. As the government is keen to crack down on employers who turn a blind eye to employing illegal migrants, with fines of up to £20,000 per illegal worker and possible disqualification for directors, it is more vital than ever for employers to make sure employees have the correct right to work documents.  The Home Office also names and shames employers found employing an illegal worker, so your business reputation could be on the line too. Gill Wilkinson, employment law specialist at Ware & Kay in York, Wetherby & Malton , advises on how employers can avoid illegal working traps. Checking workers' status Under current law, employers can…
25 July 2017 Financial advice

The amount of revenue that the government raises from inheritance tax (IHT) continues to rise year by year. In 2016-17, the figure rose again to over £4.9bn1, with experts expecting it to be even higher in this financial year. Controversially, the threshold at which IHT applies has been stuck at £325,000 since 2009. Over the same time, house prices have mainly continued to rise, meaning that more families than ever have found themselves drawn into the IHT net. Help has come in the form of the family home allowance that reduces the amount of IHT payable on a main residence being left to defined direct descendants. Referred to as the 'main residence nil rate band', it is being introduced in stages over four years, with a limit of £100,000 applying from April 2017, rising each…
15 July 2017 Employment advice

If you have submitted a tribunal claim via Ware & Kay since July 2013 please contact Gill Wilkinson for advice about recovery of the employment tribunal fees.   See interesting Supreme Court verdict: UNISON legal victory sees employment tribunal fees scrapped Published: July 2017 Contact us: For a confidential discussion on employment law matters, please contact Gill Wilkinson on 01904 716050 or email Gillian.Wilkinson@warekay.co.uk "http://www.warekay.co.uk/news-updates/firm-updates/2014/will-written-in-return-for-st-leonard's-hospice-donation-(the-press
07 July 2017 Employment advice

With an increasing number of businesses using part-time workers to deliver their services, it is important for employers to understand the approach that should be taken to ensure that the rules governing this type of employment are complied with. Gill Wilkinson, Head of Employment at Ware & kay in York, Wetherby & Malton explains the key provisions you need to be aware of. When will someone be classed as a part-time worker? There is no legal definition of a part-time worker, but in broad terms anyone who works less than the usual hours worked by a full-time employee, based on the employer's workplace customs and practices, will be classed as a part-timer. What rights do part-time workers have? Part-time workers are protected by the Part-Time Workers (Prevention of Less Favourable Treatment) Regulations 2000, which provide…
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