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Guardianship (Missing Persons) Act 2017

Coming into effect on 31 July 2019,  a law named after missing chef Claudia Lawrence commonly called “Claudia’s law”, gives guardians appointed by the Court the legal power to manage a missing person’s property and financial affairs in his or her best interests by “standing in the shoes of a missing person” until they return.

The application to become a guardian of a missing person's property and affairs is made to the High Court, is extremely detailed and not only requires information about the person's finances but personal details including information about their usual day to day activities before they became absent from it, details of their family and evidence of the applicant's own suitability as a guardian.

Following a successful application, a guardian will have to report to the Office of the Public Guardian who will carry out the ongoing supervision of the guardian to ensure that their obligations are being met.

Ware & Kay consultant Peter Lawrence OBE and Claudia’s father has been at the forefront of the campaign which has led to the passing of this extremely important law.  With such close connections to Peter, we have formed a specialist team of lawyers ready to assist our clients in navigating the application process and to be available to advise on the reporting requirements of the Office of the Public Guardian.

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