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Andrew Little features in the Yorkshire Post (Property People)

13 April 2021 Written by Ware & Kay Solicitors Category: Firm updates

Andrew Little, Commercial Property Solicitor at Pearsons & Ward in Malton features in the Yorkshire Post (Property People).

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What are the prospects for the property sector in Yorkshire and Humber?

Transactions involving light industrial units continue to go from strength to strength. Difficulties remain for those who own or let high street premises, but there are signs of this sector improving and the recent rollout of the government’s new Use Classes should allow more freedom for high street premises to adapt to changing consumer habits, without requirement planning permission.

What is the best project you have been involved in?

I acted on the granting of approximately 200 mineral leases to the owners of the York Potash Mine, based near my hometown of Whitby. The mine has recently received the funding necessary to become a major long-term employer for the area which will be a major boost for the regional economy. This upturn now means that many landowners are seeking advice from Pearsons & Ward and our accountancy partners, to put sufficient tax planning measures in place to protect their assets from taxation.

What is your favourite building in the region and why?

The Milton Rooms in Malton has a long and interesting history as a theatre and a central hub for the town. It is run by a group of dedicated volunteers who have ensured that it continues to play an important role in the town. There is now a big drive to improve the building to make it more accessible and to proudly display its Georgian architecture. Pearsons & Ward helped to kick-start this process by putting a new lease in place for the volunteers, which has given the necessary security to properly invest in the building for future generations.

If you could change one thing to improve the property industry in the region, what would it be?

Small scale new build developments are often delayed because of larger, more complex developments taking up the majority of local authorities’ time and recourses. Providing local authorities with the recourses they need to efficiently deal with planning applications, both big and small would help create a fairer planning system.

Who has inspired you?

Small business owners who have been able to adapt to and succeed in the economic conditions which we have all faced during the pandemic. Regional market towns like Malton rely heavily on the ingenuity and community spirit which many small business owners possess and without them, the economic outlook for the area would look very different.

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