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Agriculture and farming disputes

Agriculture and Farming Dispute Solicitors, York, Malton and Wetherby

Our lawyers have experience in dealing with a wide range of disputes affecting landowners, farmers and Estates including disputes and claims relating to:

  • Agricultural Holdings Act 1986 tenancies and farm business tenancies
  • Grazing tenancies and licences
  • Occupation of farm cottages
  • Residential tenancies and business leases

We can also offer advice and assistance in relation to:

  • Contractual disputes
  • Recovery of rent
  • Infringements of easements
  • Rights of way (public or private)
  • Trespassers and adverse possession claims
  • Boundary disputes
  • Disputed wills and estates
  • Inheritance claims



Johanne Spittle is “is an excellent choice for rural property disputes”  

"She's very knowledgeable and has always been helpful with advice "

"She understands the crux of the issue."


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