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Probate & Administration of Estates

Probate Solicitors, York, Wetherby & Malton

Losing a loved one is always a difficult and upsetting experience. Having to deal with administrative responsibilities associated with the death can add to this particularly challenging time.

The specialist probate solicitors at Ware & Kay can offer friendly, empathetic and thoughtful advice on all matters relating to probate. Our comprehensive knowledge in areas such as tax law, property law and trust law means we are excellently placed to help you deal with the estate of a loved one.

What is probate?

The term ‘probate' is used to describe the process of administering an estate. When someone dies, the person administering the estate has to be given authority to carry out this role. This authority is given by way of a document called a ‘grant of representation' through the local Probate Registry. Confusingly, probate is also used to describe a grant of representation. However, when talking about the process of probate, we are talking about the process as a whole – settling the person's debts, and distributing their money and property to the people detailed in their Will.

What does the probate process involve?

In practice, this means paying off outstanding debts owed by the person who has died, collecting any sums of money due to them and sharing out their assets in line with their wishes as detailed in their Will. This is likely to include closing down any bank, savings and other accounts, paying off any loans they have, and arranging for life insurance policies to be paid out amongst other tasks.

The deceased will often have named an ‘executor' in their Will; this is the person that they would like to carry out the process of probate on their behalf. While the executor is responsible for ensuring that the estate is administered in line with the Will, it is common practice for the support and assistance of a probate solicitor to be sought so that the executor carries out their role effectively.

How can a probate solicitor help?

Probate can be a complicated and daunting process. It requires skills in accountancy and administration, as well as knowledge of legal rules that determine how the estate is dealt with. Ware & Kay's probate lawyers can assist with matters such as:

  • Obtaining a grant of probate or letters of administration
  • Administration of the estate
  • Preparing estate accounts on behalf of executors
  • Advising on inheritance tax issues and completing tax returns
  • Making post-death arrangements that reduce inheritance tax liabilities
  • Distributing assets to beneficiaries

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Administering an estate can be confusing and time-consuming. In many cases, this can take over 12 months to complete – if mistakes are made, this may take even longer. Our reliable and approachable probate lawyers will guide you through every step to make sure that all of your responsibilities and obligations as an executor are satisfied. Having advised clients across Yorkshire for over 200 years, Ware & Kay are the best choice for advice on all probate matters.

Call our probate lawyers today on 01904 716000 (York) or 01937 583210 (Wetherby) or 01653 692247 (Malton), or complete our online contact form.

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