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Construction and building disputes

Construction and Building Dispute Solicitors, York, Malton and Wetherby

Our construction and building disputes team act on behalf of a range of clients from main contractors and sub-contractors through to house builders and private individuals.

If you are a contractor, developer or sub-contractor you may experience problems in getting paid or be at the end of a claim for defective workmanship or for outstanding payments.

If you are a private individual you may have had a builder who has left you with an unfinished project or has undertaken poor quality building work for you.

Whatever the nature of your dispute Ware & Kay building Dispute Resolution team can help.  We will work with you to achieve an outcome outside of the court or using Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms including negotiation, mediation, arbitration or expert determination. Where proceedings are unavoidable, our lawyers have extensive experience in successfully representing both claimants and defendants and will provide you with comprehensive advice and guidance throughout the process.

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