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Legal updates

21 February 2024 Wills and estates

 Update Your Will Week from the 4th – 10th March is an annual campaign hosted by The Association of Lifetime Lawyers.   It aims to raise awareness around the risks of not having an up to date Will and encourages people to update their Will to ensure their wishes are carried out when they die.   Why is it important to have an up to date Will?   Having an up to date, well-drafted will is crucial to ensure your wishes are carried out in the way you’d like when you die. Knowing you’ve chosen what you want to happen can also help ease distress for loved ones left behind and minimise potential disputes.   If you die without a Will, any assets that belonged to you must be distributed according to the strict rules…

13 February 2024 Wills and estates

We are delighted to support the Saint Catherine’s Hospice Make a Will Week. We have agreed to give our time and expertise for free to support Saint Catherine’s Hospice Make a Will Week Catherine’s Hospice Make a Will Week. We will happily meet with you to take your instructions for a simple Will during this week and draft a professional Will in accordance with those instructions. We will also meet with you again for your Will to be signed by the end of May 2024. In return, you will make a donation to Saint Catherine’s. Our suggested minimum is £200* per single Will and £350* per matching pair. This is payable at the time you sign your Will with us and we will forward the donation to Saint Catherine’s Catherine’s. *If your Will requires advice of a complex nature, or because of any failure on your own part to complete the Will…
13 February 2024 Wills and estates

It is recommended that you review your Will every 3 to 5 years, but if your farm has expanded, downsized, or diversified, then you should also look at your Will to ensure it reflects your wishes. Laura Carter, Associate and agricultural specialist at Ware & Kay and Pearsons & Ward Solicitors in Malton (part of Ware & Kay in York and Wetherby), highlights the key changes that should prompt a farmer to review and update their Will. Has the value of your farm increased substantially? If your farm has grown substantially then it is important to have the ownership of the farm’s assets checked and for them to be valued. Based on the valuations received, you can then consider making a new Will to help decrease any liability for inheritance tax, particularly to take advantage of…
13 February 2024 Wills and estates

   Leave your legacy to help us continue ours If, like many other people you have been putting off writing your Will, this is your chance to put that right. Ware & Kay Solicitors has teamed up with Martin House to give you the opportunity to have your basic Will written for free. Legacies are vitally important to Martin House. In fact, they make up more than a quarter of our entire voluntary income, meaning the cost of caring for one in four of our children is covered by gifts left in Wills. Over half of UK adults have not made a Will. It's not always easy to think about what might happen when we die. But making a Will is an important step to ensuring the people and things you care about are taken care of after you're gone. Your…
05 February 2024 Employment advice

The right to request flexible working has been around for over 20 years, and in that time eligibility to the right has been extended from parents and carers of young children to all employees after 26 weeks in a job. Access to this right is about to widen again with changes coming into force this year. Accompanying the legislative changes is a new draft Acas statutory Code of Practice, subject to parliamentary approval. ‘The right to request flexible working is just that; a right to ask, which employers can refuse based on a statutory business reason,’ explains Kalpesh Nakeshree, Head of the employment law team with Ware & Kay. ‘Having said that, employers do need to follow the statutory process, which is about to be tweaked in the employee’s favour. Perhaps more significant than the penalties…
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