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Shareholder Disputes

Shareholder Disputes Solicitors York, Wetherby & Malton

There are times when a company's formation and management can go terribly wrong, leaving problems between directors and shareholders, and straining professional relationships. If you have had a dispute with shareholders and the company’s establishment is at risk, we can help you implement dispute resolution measures to provide a solution. Contact Ware & Kay Solicitors now.

Disputes between shareholders

Shareholders are the backbone of many companies, and disputes between business owners and shareholders can damage a company's reputation, financial situation, and inner workings. If matters escalate, they can become highly tense and personal, and you may need professional mediation to resolve.

At Ware & Kay, our team combines expert knowledge of corporate law with dispute resolution to act on behalf of company directors and shareholders. We can represent clients who bring claims for directorial breach of duties, contract breaches, agreements with shareholders, 'unfair prejudice' claims and more.

If your business is under pressure because of disagreements with shareholders, we can advise you on the best course of action to protect your business interests and reputation. Our team will always strive to conclude matters without court action where possible. 

How we can help with shareholder disputes

Every company's structure is different, and if you have a dispute with shareholders in a company, the right way to resolve it will vary from case to case. Most frequently, a party is usually 'bought out' by the other shareholders, who will continue operating the business as normal. Sometimes, however, the situation may be more complicated. Below are two common ways of dealing with shareholder disputes:

Negotiated agreements

This method requires negotiation between the disputing parties to create a transaction that works for both sides. Usually, it involves the disputing shareholders to be bought out, or the company buys more of its own shares.

Alternatively, a holding company may purchase shares, or the business could be split up and re-organised so that different owners have the main control. All parties involved would need to agree to the negotiated agreement.

Mediation may be required to resolve issues between shareholders and directors, so they can talk to one another and come to an agreement.

Litigation options

Sometimes, negotiating an agreement is not possible, and litigation is necessary. This may apply if the company's structure and processes are unfairly prejudiced towards certain people. The company may need winding up, or actions may need to be taken against the directors because they breached their duties.

If action cannot be taken because the directors are unwilling or unable, litigation via mediation, settlement agreements, or court action may be necessary.

Contact our Corporate Dispute Resolution Solicitors in York, Wetherby & Malton

Whether you’re looking to restructure the company or ownership, or try dispute resolution via mediation or court action, we will help you find the most effective solution for your circumstances. Our expert team of solicitors will work with you to resolve the matter, open up communication between involved parties and come to an agreement.

To discuss your case, call us at our offices in York 01904 716000 , Wetherby, 01937 583210 , or Malton 01653 692247 , or enter your details into our online form.