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Land & Building Dispute Resolution

Land & Building Dispute Resolution Lawyers York, Wetherby & Malton

If you have had a builder who has left you with an unfinished project or has incompetently undertaken building work for you, Ware & Kay building Dispute Resolution Team can help.

Many home-owners are unsure how to deal with the issues surrounding builder disputes.

Ware & Kay Solicitors know that sometimes construction projects do not go to plan.

If you are the contractor, there can be problems in getting paid.

If you are the customer, there can be issues in getting the right quality of materials and work in the right time frame. We advise construction companies and individuals.

We have advised in disputes relating to large residential and commercial estates and also in disputes arising from extensions, new builds and renovations.

Our solicitors have expertise in the Technology and Construction and Business and Property Court sections. We have advised on written and verbal agreements for building work. Our Dispute Resolution Team also deal with issues arising from sub-contracting and in relation to the arrangements for the work.

Disputes can arise when building work is carried out on a neighbouring property and Ware & Kay Resolution team can help you to seek an injunction to stop the work or assist in resolving the problem without recourse to the Courts.

We deal with neighbour disputes, dealing with, for example, boundaries and rights of way.

We also advise on disputes as to the ownership of property, as well as disputes between property co-owners.

The Ware & Kay team regularly advise landlords regarding unpaid rent or breaches of other covenants in leases, including claims in respect of dilapidations. We advise in connection with service charges and forfeiture.

We act in relation to disputes as to the right to renew business leases under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954.

Our Dispute Resolution Team have also advised in some more unusual disputes regarding land such as identity fraud, the same piece of land being sold twice, the alteration of a covenant by an application to the Lands Tribunal, misrepresentation regarding a property sold by a developer and many others.

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