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Joint Ventures, Distributor, Agency & Franchise Agreements

Joint Ventures, Distributor, Agency & Franchise Agreements Solicitors York, Wetherby & Malton

Across a wide range of sectors, businesses will choose to work together to pursue common commercial goals.

Doing so enables them to increase their sales and to access specialist knowledge and skills held by others operating in their field. Whether you are considering a joint venture, distributor agreement, agency agreement, or franchise agreement, the corporate and commercial solicitors at Ware & Kay offer a professional, efficient, flexible service for clients looking to put such agreements in place.

Specialist Joint Venture Agreements Legal Advice

Ware & Kay can advise on the most appropriate joint venture for you and your business. We can provide support in setting up a contractual joint venture; establishing that two or more businesses will co-operate to achieve a common commercial objective. Alternatively, our solicitors can help you to establish an incorporated joint venture, which will see a new company be created in pursuit of this.

A joint venture agreement should cover matters such as:

  • The structure of the joint venture – whether it should represent a new business in its own right
  • The purpose and objectives of the joint venture
  • Financial contributions to be made by the parties
  • Which business's assets and staff will be utilised as part of the joint venture
  • Control and management of the joint venture
  • How profits and losses will be shared
  • Dispute resolution procedures
  • How parties can exit the joint venture

Distributor Agreements Solicitors, York

A distributor agreement allows a business to appoint an independent distributor to buy their products and resell them, usually in a specified geographical area. These agreements will typically cover:

  • The basis of the appointment – whether the distributor will be the exclusive seller of the products or whether other distributors may also do so
  • The geographical area
  • Obligations and duties of the distributor and supplier
  • Minimum purchase targets
  • The purchase price for the goods
  • How the agreement will end

Agency Agreements Lawyers, Wetherby

An agency agreement covers the appointment of a sales agent who will then negotiate and enter into a contract of sale on behalf of the supplier. An agency agreement should include:

  • The basis of the appointment of the agent – whether they are the exclusive or non-exclusive agent
  • Duties of the agent and supplier
  • Minimum sales targets
  • Commission and payment for the agent
  • How the agreement will end

Specialist Franchise Agreements Legal Advice

A franchise agreement allows one company to purchase the ‘model' of their business – typical examples include McDonalds and Subway. The franchise will operate independently, but they do not own the brand itself. A franchise agreement should cover issues such as:

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Having an explicit, legally binding agreement in place to govern how your business relationships will function is essential. Ware & Kay's solicitors are experienced in drafting joint venture, distributor, agency and franchise agreements that are tailored to meet the needs of your company. Offering competitive pricing and a fixed-fee service where possible, our corporate and commercial lawyers are the best choice for businesses across Yorkshire.

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