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Property Boundary Disputes

Property Boundary Disputes Lawyers, Yorkshire

Property and boundary disputes can be extremely stressful for all involved. These types of conflicts can be financially and emotionally draining, with substantial amounts of time and energy being expended trying to resolve matters.

Here at Ware & Kay, our experienced property solicitors are on hand to provide professional and reliable legal support to help you settle property and boundary disputes as swiftly as possible. Our expert lawyers will fight your corner all the way, aiming to establish a fair and equitable agreement without having to go to court.

Property disputes can include:

  • Land ownership disputes
  • Disputes over the use of land
  • Rights of way
  • Party wall disputes
  • Leasehold disputes
  • Nuisance and negligence
  • Property and boundary repairs
  • Jointly owned property

How do boundary disputes arise?

This area of the law can be complicated. In many cases, establishing where one property ends and another begins can be tricky. Maps detailing who owns what property will, in most cases, be very old. Boundaries may have been recorded in an imprecise manner, and it is not uncommon to find that errors have been made at some point in the conveyancing process over the years. Similarly, rights to use property in a particular manner, such as a rights of way, may have been granted historically by a landowner, but never officially recorded.

How can our boundary dispute solicitors help?

Ware & Kay's team of expert property lawyers can offer clarity and certainty. The boundaries of your property will have a massive impact on its value, as well as how you use and enjoy it. We aim to help protect your rights as the property owner.

In many cases, disputes can be settled quickly by referring to the documents that detail the ownership of your property. We can assist by considering the Title Deeds and providing options as to how you should proceed.

In other cases, there may be no other choice than to pursue legal action over your dispute. Our solicitors are highly regarded when it comes to their skills in advocacy and litigation and will work tirelessly on your behalf throughout. We have an intimate knowledge of residential and commercial property law and can instruct other experts such as land surveyors to support in your case.

We are also experienced in dealing with agriculture and farming disputes and landlord and tenant.

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