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Absence Policy

Absence Policy Lawyers York, Malton & Wetherby 

How Should Employers Manage Sickness Absence?

Absence Policy

It is vital for employers to have procedures in place in order to deal with absences in a consistent and effective manner and to avoid any claims of disability discrimination.

Absence data should be recorded and monitored so that any potential problems are swiftly dealt with.

Absence policies should cover the following:-

  • Notification of absence.
  • Evidence of illness.
  • Keeping in contact with employees during periods of illness.
  • Providing updates as to medical condition.
  • The requirement for employees to undergo a medical examination to determine fitness for work.
  • The requirement to attend formal meetings in respect of long-term absences.
  • Return to work interviews.
  • How to rehabilitate an employee back into work

Holidays during absence

Recent case law has found that:-

  • Employees accrue holiday entitlement during sick leave and other absences from work.
  • Employees who haven't been able to take annual leave during sick leave may be allowed to carry it over to the next year.
  • Employees who are on sick leave during a pre-arranged holiday have the right to request to take that holiday at a later date when they are not on sick leave and to carry it over to the next year.

What next?

Ware & Kay are able to provide bespoke sickness absence policies for businesses of any size. We can review existing policies and provide detailed advice on the practical application of a sickness absence policy.

NB. This guide does not provide a full statement of the law and readers are advised to take legal advice before taking any action based on the information contained herein.

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