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Court of Protection

Court of Protection Solicitors, York, Wetherby & Malton

If someone loses capacity and has not made a Lasting Power of Attorney then it does not mean that no-one will be able to make decisions on their behalf.

A family member, professional or friend can make an application to the Court of Protection to be appointed as their Deputy.

The Deputy application is a detailed and lengthy procedure and requires information about the person's finances and a capacity assessment. Once the Deputy Order is made, the Court of Protection may impose ongoing supervision requirements such as the submission of an annual report detailing how you have managed the person's finances in the previous year.

Our expert team is on hand to advise you of your duties and responsibilities as a Deputy, complete and explain the application paperwork and support you with any ongoing requirements.

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Our reliable and approachable probate lawyers will guide you through every step to make sure that all of your responsibilities and obligations as an executor are satisfied. Having advised clients across Yorkshire for over 200 years, Ware & Kay are the best choice for advice on all probate matters.

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