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Easements, Rights of Way & Sporting Rights

Easements, Rights of Way & Sporting Rights Lawyers Yorkshire, Malton, Wetherby

The farming and agriculture solicitors at Ware & Kay have a long history of advising landowners, farmers, and farming-related organisations on all matters concerning their land and businesses. We offer practical, professional advice in a clear and straightforward manner.

Our firm has been operating in Yorkshire for over 200 years meaning our lawyers have extensive knowledge of the local area and the requirements of those working in the agriculture sector. Contact one of our specialist team members today.

Easements – Expert Legal Advice in Wetherby

An easement is a right held by one party over property belonging to another. Easements are commonly used to allow underground services to pass under someone's land to serve another nearby property. Another common use of easements is to create a private right of way across a piece of land.

Easements can be created in one of three ways:

  1. Express grant: there is a Deed of Grant stating the terms of the easement
  2. Necessity: e.g. the only way to access a piece of land is via a right of way over a path, track or road
  3. Prescription: when an act has been carried out over a long period without the landowner's permission

If an easement is having a detrimental effect on your enjoyment of your land or its value, our expert solicitors can provide valuable legal guidance. We will examine the nature of the easement and carry out investigations to establish possible remedies on your behalf.

Specialist Rights of Way Solicitors

Public rights of way can be a significant concern for farmers and landowners. Campaigns conducted by access groups and village green claims, along with the passing of the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009 have created many problems. Additionally, the Highways Act 1980 and the Inclosure Act 1801 are two pieces of legislation relied upon by the Ramblers Association to identify ‘lost' footpaths.

Our farming and agriculture lawyers can help by:

  • Advising on the best course of action for you
  • Utilising our skills in mediation and negotiation to reach an equitable solution and avoid expensive court action
  • Examining the physical details of the rights of way and carrying out further investigations on your behalf

Sporting Rights Lawyers in York

Sporting rights encompass the rights to hunt, shoot and fish on a specified area of land or water. In many cases, allowing these activities to take place on your land can generate substantial amounts of income.

Our solicitors can advise on matters such as:

  • Letting out sporting rights – putting in place provisions for rent and review, as well as agreements detailing exactly how your land can be used
  • Providing guidance on the rights and obligations associated with sporting rights
  • Settling disputes regarding sporting rights through mediation and negotiation

Contact our Easements, Rights of Way and Sporting Rights Solicitors in York, Wetherby & Malton

In addition to providing support on issues directly relating to farming matters, our farming and agriculture lawyers can liaise with colleagues in other departments to provide comprehensive legal advice on all matters concerning your land and business. Our service is efficient and cost-effective – we offer a fixed fee service wherever possible, and our approachable solicitors are available now to provide you with a no-obligation quote.

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