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Grievance procedures

Grievance procedures Solicitors York, Wetherby & Malton

If an employee raises a grievance with you, you must respond appropriately to their concerns. Grievances can cause tension in the workplace, especially if there has been a disagreement amongst colleagues. 

We understand that it may be difficult to approach grievances where multiple interests are at play.

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Grievance procedures for employers

As an employer, you must make sure that you have an internal grievance process in place so that employees have an opportunity to bring their concerns to you. 

Your grievance policy must be in writing.  It is important that you can come to fair and reasonable grievance outcomes and keep accurate records documenting how you came to those decisions. 

At Ware & Kay, we understand that grievance processes can become tricky, especially if you have a small company where inter-company relationships can be close. Sometimes issues can become personal, which can affect the overall workplace environment. 

Our team can help prepare for grievance procedures and guide you through the process from start to finish.

When might employees raise grievances?

Employees might raise concerns about particular colleagues if they feel they have been bullied or harassed. Or, they may have problems with how they are being managed or regarding a specific incident. 

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Why is it important for employers to follow correct grievance procedures? 

As an employer, you have a duty of care to your staff which involves taking any issues they raise seriously. You should therefore ensure that you are dealing with grievances fairly regardless of whether you agree with them.

As part of the process, you should give everyone an equal opportunity to explain their side and allow the employee to appeal against the outcome of the grievance. You should investigate the concerns raised and allow the employee to bring a representative or relevant support person.

If you do not follow the right processes, you could be exposed to an employment tribunal hearing if the employee feels the matter has not been resolved.

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