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Splitting up on good terms

18 June 2019 Written by Ware & Kay Solicitors Category: Litigation

If you have decided to end your marriage, dissolve your civil partnership, or separate from the person you live with, Robert Bellhouse and the experienced family law team at Ware & Kay can help.

Separating couples can find it difficult agree about how joint property such as their home and finances are to be divided. Agreeing arrangements for children is often another area of contention, as emotions run high.

However, not all relationships have to end acrimoniously. The process of Collaborative law, provides an alternative way for couples to reach an agreement about their finances and arrangements for children on separation. Using the collaborative process is often quicker than going to court.

Under the collaborative process each person and their solicitor attend a series of meetings. Other professionals such as accountants, pension experts and financial advisors can be called upon to help reach a negotiated agreement if necessary.

Everyone involved, including the solicitors, signs an agreement that commits them to trying to resolve the issues without going to court and prevents the lawyers from representing you in court if the process breaks down.

“The benefits of the collaborative service are clear”, says Robert, “Couples feel more in control and the process encourages openness and honesty instead of mistrust. By communicating face to face we can help each couple to find constructive solutions.”

The collaborative option is suitable for all aspects of family breakdown and divorce, including disputes over children or finances. It can also be used to resolve disputes arising from the separation of an unmarried couple.

robert bellhouse

Ware & Kay’s Robert Bellhouse has extensive experience in all aspects of relationship breakdown.

For advice or to make an appointment, please phone Robert on 01904 716000.

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