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10 January 2014 Residential property

The 'dream of home ownership' can now become a reality for many people who had thought it might be out of their reach, under the government's new Help to Buy schemes. However, home ownership is not without its risks both financially and personally so it is wise to take legal advice at an early stage to protect your interests. There are two schemes which can help you fund a house purchase up to the value of £600,000: equity loan scheme - offering an interest free government loan of up to 20 per cent of the value of the property for the first five years. You need to put in a five per cent deposit and get a mortgage for the 75 per cent balance; or mortgage guarantee scheme - the government will guarantee up…
11 October 2011 Residential property

If you are buying, acquiring or holding property jointly with someone else it is important that everyone understands the basis of joint ownership from the beginning. There are two sorts: Joint Tenants and Tenants-in-Common. ("Tenant" does not have its usual meaning of someone paying in rent in either case). Joint Tenants: Joint Tenancy is the form of joint ownership where two or more people own the property together on the basis that: On any sale of the property, the proceeds of sale are automatically divided equally between the parties, regardless of the contributions they may have made to the original purchase price, subsequent improvements etc. If any joint owner dies, his/her share automatically passes to the surviving owner(s). This transfer happens without payment and is not affected by any Will the deceased owner may…
26 September 2011 Residential property

Chancel repair liability is the responsibility on some property owners in England and Wales to pay for repairs to the chancel of their local church.  The Chancel is the part of the church reserved for the use of the clergy or choir, and where the altar is placed. Making enquiries of your local PCC to find out if you have potential liability is not advisable, as this may alert them to the need to register their interest, and insurance would not then be able to be obtained. History Historically, the responsibility for the upkeep of a church was divided between the rector (the clergyman in charge of the parish) and the parishioners (the members of the parish).  Subsequently, parishioners' responsibilities were transferred by legislation to the church, but rectors were still responsible for the…
06 September 2011 Residential property

This checklist explains what a tenancy deposit scheme (TDS) is and what a landlord's obligations are under a TDS. What is a TDS? A landlord under an assured shorthold tenancy (AST) must protect a tenant's deposit by using an authorised tenancy deposit scheme (TDS) operated by an approved scheme administrator. A TDS has two main objectives: To ensure that, when a tenant pays a deposit, it will be protected and returned to the tenant at the end of the AST, except when the landlord has a legitimate claim on it. To resolve disputes between landlords and tenants using dispute resolution rather than via the courts. There are two types of TDS: There are two types of TDS: A custodial TDS requires a landlord to pay its tenant's deposit to a…
02 September 2011 Residential property

Slowly but surely, we are seeing signs of increased activity in the housing market, as are fellow professionals in local estate agencies. Another sign of optimism locally is that City of York Council has recently given the green light to a 20-year development plan which includes a target 800 new homes per year, which would play a vital role in renewing supply for first-time buyers in the city. Without doubt, there is a great deal of frustration amongst many people seeking to get onto or move up the housing ladder. However, if you have been wondering when to put your house on the market, now may well be that time. You no longer need a home information pack, following their abolition last year, but you will need to commission an Energy Performance Certificate and produce…
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