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11 November 2019 Family Matters

Christmas is a magical time of the year for children. There is the anticipation of the presents they may receive, the relief of having a few weeks off school and the excitement of seeing friends and family. The hopes of what Christmas may bring are no different for the children of parents who have divorced or separated, yet lingering there in the background will be the worry of who they are going to spend Christmas with and whether the parent who misses out will be alright. To make sure your child has a wonderful and stress-free Christmas this year, Robert Bellhouse, family law expert with Ware & Kay Solicitors in York & Wetherby offers some useful tips to estranged parents trying to agree arrangements for their children over the festive period. 1. Plan ahead Talk to…
15 October 2019 Family Matters

The discovery of an affair, concern about an inheritance being squandered or pressure to protect your business interests are all reasons to consider making a postnuptial agreement.  Like a prenuptial agreement, a postnuptial agreement can be used to agree in advance what should happen to assets owned by you and your spouse or civil partner should the relationship fail.
19 September 2019 Family Matters

As so many farming businesses have been passed down from generation to generation, representing decades of hard work and family history, it is vital to consider any potential threats that might prevent the farm staying in the family and being passed down to future family members. While farming couples may have enjoyed living together on the family farm during their marriage, a divorce can mean that the family farm has to be sold to raise funds in the divorce settlement unless legal steps are taken to stave off such a devastating threat. Juliet Walker specialist agricultural Family Solicitor at Pearsons & Ward in Malton explains how a nuptial agreement can help farming families protect their inherited assets from divorce. A nuptial agreement is a legal agreement between a married couple or civil partners that lays down in writing…
18 September 2019 Family Matters

During separation or divorce, change will occur in everybody’s lives, and relocation may be appropriate. Perhaps it’s impossible to continue to live in an area, or it’s necessary to relocate closer to family and friends that can provide support. Whatever your reasons, it is important to obtain legal advice. Robert Bellhouse family lawyer at Ware & Kay explains some considerations. Consider what GP & dentist to register with, where to live and childcare. Give thought to schools and the impact on future education. If moving to a non-English speaking country, consider learning the language. It is important that you consider how your child will maintain their relationship with your former partner. The court must be assured that the move is not an attempt to exclude your former partner from the child’s life. Plan for time…
20 August 2019 Family Matters

  You may feel overwhelmed with the changes you are facing as you go through a divorce, and going from two incomes to one can be a struggle. If you do not own a house or have other assets, it’s tempting to cut costs and ignore seeking advice from a solicitor in relation to a financial agreement. Robert Bellhouse, family law expert at Ware & Kay explains why this could be a costly mistake.  ‘A divorce does not stop all financial obligations between spouses. I have met people that come into money years after a divorce, only to face an unexpected claim from their former spouse.  You may be on amicable terms now, but relations can sour over time, especially if one of you enters a new relationship or comes into new found wealth. You can prevent…
24 July 2019 Family Matters

It is increasingly common for parents to give money to their children to help them buy a property or set up a new business. You may intend this purely as a gift to your child to help them with their new venture not appreciating that in the event of a separation or divorce, that gift may be “lost.”  How can you protect this money if your son or daughter subsequently divorces?  Loan or ownership: You can protect your investment in the new venture by either taking a share in the ownership or making a loan which may also then be protected by taking a charge. If you opt for ownership your advisers can ensure that you are registered as one of the co-owners in the appropriate proportion. So, for example, if you are contributing 30% of…
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