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24 January 2020 Employment advice

From 6th April 2020 an employee who loses a child under the age of 18, or suffers a stillbirth after 24 weeks of pregnancy, will be entitled to two weeks’ paid statutory leave to be taken in one block or as two separate blocks of a week. Employees must have at least 26 weeks’ service and meet minimum earnings criteria to be eligible. Statutory parental bereavement pay will be paid at the same rate as statutory paternity pay, i.e. £151.20 per week (from April 2020) or 90% of weekly earnings if lower. For more information, please contact our employment law team on 01904 716000 (York)  01653 692247 (Malton), 01937 583210 (Wetherby), or fill out our online enquiry form.
24 January 2020 Wills and estates

The government has increased the “statutory legacy” for partners of people who die intestate, from £250,000 to £270,000. Ministers said they would raise the amount partners can inherit, in line with the consumer price index, every five years. The amount was set at £250,000 in October 2014 and will be increased to £270,000 from 6 February this year; slightly beyond the initial deadline. Commenting on the imminent rise, Law Society President Simon Davies took the opportunity to stress the importance of an up-to-date will. “This increase is very welcome,” he said, “But many people are unaware that unmarried partners and close friends cannot inherit. Writing a legally valid will with the help of an expert solicitor ensures people’s estate is inherited exactly as they would choose.” For more information on Wills, Power of Attorney, Estates and…
20 January 2020 Firm updates

Ware & Kay Solicitors, one of Wetherby’s most established law firms, has moved from its Victoria Street office to new offices on Wharfe Mews, which is just off Wetherby High Street.
16 January 2020 Family Matters

The end of a year and the beginning of a new one is often a time for reflection and resolutions for change. For many couples, this can include deciding that their marriage has come to an end and it is time to separate and get a divorce.  Indeed, the first working Monday of the new year is widely known in legal circles as ‘Divorce Day’, with lawyers seeing a large spike in divorce enquiries on this day as couples finally concede that their marriage has irretrievably broken down. Divorce is always unsettling as couples decide how to divide their property, sort their financial affairs and make arrangements for their children, but can be particularly complex where agricultural assets are concerned. So, what are the key things you need to know about a farming divorce? Juliet Walker…
15 January 2020 Family Matters

On 31 December 2019, new legislation made it legal for mixed-sex couples to enter into Civil Partnerships, an option that was previously only available to same-sex couples Civil partnerships afford couples the same financial and legal protections as marriage, but offer an alternative for those who feel ‘traditional’ marriage isn’t quite right for them. Among the couples celebrating were Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan, whose public battle for a civil partnership made it to the Supreme Court. The couple said that for them, a civil partnership felt more equal than a traditional marriage. They successfully argued that denying a straight couple the right to a civil partnership was discrimination and therefore “incompatible with their human rights.” Ahead of 31 December, hundreds of mixed-sex couples gave notice to enter civil partnerships but not without critics describing…
14 January 2020 Commercial property

Concerns about the impact of climate change are beginning to affect all areas of business including business premises, which are responsible for a significant proportion of the UK’s overall energy use.  The government has announced that it plans to tighten regulations on energy efficiency in rented property, requiring significant improvements by 2030.  Commercial landlords and business tenants will need to make sure their leases give energy efficiency a higher priority and set out who is responsible for energy efficiency measures and who will foot the bill. “Green leases are being gradually introduced in response to new legislation and a desire both by landlords and tenants to make energy savings,” says Andrew Little commercial property solicitor at our Malton office, “although it isn’t always clear exactly what a green lease is.  In simple terms, a green…
14 January 2020 Commercial property

All here at Ware & Kay hope that you have had a happy New Year. As you may be aware, a new year has brought a new government that is looking to bring forward a number of reforms. It remains to be seen how many of the suggested reforms mentioned in the Queen’s Speech will be implemented but there are a number of changes that will affect landlords of both commercial and residential property. Business rates reform The Government has suggested that it intends to conduct a ‘fundamental’ review of business rates. No timescales have been released yet but some of the key points mentioned are: Bringing forward the next business rates revaluation from 2022 to 2021 as well as moving the revaluations from a five-yearly to a three-yearly cycle. The Government…
10 January 2020 Employment advice

According to a study by the Resolution Foundation, more than a quarter of workers aged 15 and over are not being paid the National Minimum Wage (NMW). The NMW is the least a worker can be paid per hour by law. Employers who fail to pay the NMW can face fines of 200% of the wage arrears and potentially also criminal prosecution. From April 2020 the NMW will increase to £8.72 for workers aged 25 and over (up from £8.21). Increases for younger workers from April 2020 will be: 21-24 years old: £8.20 (up from £7.70) 18-20 years old: £6.45 (up from £6.15) Under-18: £4.55 (up from £4.35) Apprentice: £4.15 (up from £3.90) Contact our Employment Law Solicitors in York, Wetherby and Malton To find out more about our Employment Law services and how…
20 December 2019 Firm updates

Ware & Kay Solicitors, one of West Yorkshire’s most established law firms, is relocating its Wetherby office in January 2020.  It is moving from its office in Brunswick Court, Victoria Street, to new offices on Wharfe Mews, just off Wetherby High Street. The relocation is a result of continued growth over recent years increasing the staff based at the current office.  The offices comprise of a modern two-storey premises with over 2,000 square feet of office space including staff workspaces, private consultation and conference rooms.  It offers free on-site parking to visitors and clients.  The move means that Ware & Kay Solicitors continue to be easily accessible remaining at the heart of Wetherby town centre. Our new address is: 3 Wharfe Mews, Cliffe Terrace, Wetherby LS22 6LX.   You will see from the map below that we…
13 December 2019 Family Matters

If you are attending mediation to resolve disagreements about some decisions relating to relationship breakdown, separation or divorce, you might be wondering what this involves.  A mediator is an independent person that is trained and accredited to assist you in identifying the issues in dispute and help resolve these through discussion.  Sometimes two mediators may be used, but more often than not just one mediator will be involved.  A mediator can meet you and your former partner together, or separately.  They can also arrange to meet you both at one time while you remain in separate rooms, and this is known as shuttle mediation, where the mediator will effectively shuttle between the two rooms to progress discussions.  It is important that you are comfortable throughout the process and you will not be forced to sit together…
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