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01 October 2019 Residential property

Experts predict that the housing market will face some challenging times in the months ahead as the number of sales continue to fall. With the average house now taking over 19 weeks to sell, the outlook may appear disheartening if you want to sell. There are still buyers out there, searching for their next home from a smaller pool of properties, and Philip Taylor, a residential conveyancing expert with Pearsons & Ward in Malton, offers some advice on selling your home in a flat market. Be realistic on price Market data suggests that overall house prices are slipping. There are strong regional and local variations, so it pays to research the sale price your home may realistically expect to achieve. Local estate agents should have a good idea of how much your property is likely…
01 October 2019 Firm updates

Ware & Kay Solicitors (with offices in York, Wetherby & Malton) is proud to announce that Laura Schofield, a Solicitor in the Wetherby office specialising in Wills and Estates, has achieved a distinction in her first STEP exam in the Advanced Certificate in Administration of Estates and was awarded the highest mark in the country for the exam. STEP (the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners) is a professional body which is committed to helping people manage their affairs.  Laura is working towards an internationally recognised qualification that will demonstrate her practical and detailed understanding of the law and procedures involved in trust and probate procedure, tax and accounting. On completion of four exams she will be entitled to use the designation STEP to showcase her specialist expertise and give her clients the confidence and…
26 September 2019 Firm updates

Free half hour appointment with a family solicitor.
24 September 2019 Wills and estates

Have your Will written in exchange for a donation to St Gemma's Hospice. 
24 September 2019 Firm updates

Have your Will written in exchange for a donation to St Gemma's Hospice. 
19 September 2019 Family Matters

As so many farming businesses have been passed down from generation to generation, representing decades of hard work and family history, it is vital to consider any potential threats that might prevent the farm staying in the family and being passed down to future family members. While farming couples may have enjoyed living together on the family farm during their marriage, a divorce can mean that the family farm has to be sold to raise funds in the divorce settlement unless legal steps are taken to stave off such a devastating threat. Juliet Walker specialist agricultural Family Solicitor at Pearsons & Ward in Malton explains how a nuptial agreement can help farming families protect their inherited assets from divorce. A nuptial agreement is a legal agreement between a married couple or civil partners that lays down in writing…
18 September 2019 Family Matters

During separation or divorce, change will occur in everybody’s lives, and relocation may be appropriate. Perhaps it’s impossible to continue to live in an area, or it’s necessary to relocate closer to family and friends that can provide support. Whatever your reasons, it is important to obtain legal advice. Robert Bellhouse family lawyer at Ware & Kay explains some considerations. Consider what GP & dentist to register with, where to live and childcare. Give thought to schools and the impact on future education. If moving to a non-English speaking country, consider learning the language. It is important that you consider how your child will maintain their relationship with your former partner. The court must be assured that the move is not an attempt to exclude your former partner from the child’s life. Plan for time…
11 September 2019 Firm updates

Why make a Will? Only one in three of us will make a Will. By putting our affairs in order, regardless of how big or small they are, you can give security to your loved ones and make things easier should the worst happen. Having a Will ensures you decide who inherits your estate and personal belongings.  You can appoint Executors to look after your affairs How does Make a Will Week work? We have generously offered to give both our time and expertise to write your Will in exchange for a donation to support York Teaching Hospital Charity. It's really simple to take part: Contact us between 23rd and 27th September, 2019 to make an appointment.  Be sure to mention York Teaching Hospital Charity Make a Will Week. After you make the appointment you will…
22 August 2019 Commercial property

With this year’s Glastonbury festival behind us, where the working dairy herd at Worthy Farm in Somerset makes way for the world’s biggest music festival, many farmers may have been wondering what innovative ideas they too could explore to boost their income and get the most out of their land. These days there are an increasing range of opportunities for short-term farm diversification from letting someone use part of your land for grazing or storage purposes, to holding one-off events like a car boot sale, weddings or even a festival. However, before you allow another person to use your land it is important to take legal advice to ensure that your arrangement is properly documented and that you both understand the remit of the permission granted.  Andrew Little, commercial property law specialist at Pearsons…
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