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02 April 2019 News

Boundaries determine the extent of any land or buildings you own. They are, in simple terms, the line which separates your property from that of your neighbours. They may take the form of a wall, a fence, a hedge, a piece of barbed wire or even some other less noticeable feature, such as the edging of a driveway. So, what happens where you need to cross a boundary line to maintain or repair your property, or even to read your gas and electricity meters? A recent court case considered this issue and highlights the importance of taking legal advice. Philip Taylor, residential property expert with Pearsons & Ward in Malton explains more.
02 April 2019 News

While the right to 28 days’ paid holiday was a welcome addition to workers’ rights, employers have been less enthusiastic about the complicated development of the rules, particularly if staff work irregular hours or their pay packets include commission or bonus payments. With the law being so hard to navigate, it is easy to unwittingly miscalculate holiday pay or to wrongly deny your employees the right to carry forward holiday. This could leave you exposed to an employment tribunal claim for back pay. Gill Reid, employment law expert with Ware & Kay in York & Wetherby, summarises how to work out holiday pay, when workers can carry forward holiday and how to manage rolled-up holiday pay. She also takes a look at how things may change in the future.
02 April 2019 Litigation

If you are separated or divorced, you will probably have an arrangement with your ex-partner dealing with where your children live and how often they see their other parent. However, a specific issue might arise not covered by this agreement and on which you do not see eye to eye, for example if one of you wishes to relocate and the other objects. Discussing the issue with a family solicitor as soon as it arises will help you reach an amicable solution. Robert Bellhouse, family solicitor with Ware & Kay in York & Wetherby explains more. Disagreements relating to children Both parents usually have parental responsibility for their children, which means a child’s mother and father both have a duty to make important decisions about how they are raised, educated and looked after. Even parents who…
01 April 2019 Firm updates

Expanding law firm Ware & Kay Solicitors (with offices in York, Wetherby & Malton) is delighted to announce the appointment of well-known leading litigation solicitor, Johanne Spittle as Head of the Litigation Department and to the Board of Directors. This appointment is part of the firm’s ambitious strategy for the future.
01 April 2019 Firm updates

Making a Will and letting your family and friends know your wishes is vital, and it can be a lot more affordable than you think. Once again, we are offering you the opportunity to have a Will written in exchange for a donation to the Hospice. We are giving our time free of charge. Getting married or divorced, having a child, becoming grandparents or buying a house, can all be reasons to think about getting your affairs in order and making your wishes known. To take part, simply do the following: Contact us during Make a Will Week and we will arrange an appointment within a month. Numbers are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment. Write your Wills. There is no obligation to leave a legacy to the Hospice, but if…
29 March 2019 Firm updates

Boundaries determine the extent of any land or buildings you own.  They are, in simple terms, the line which separates your property from that of your neighbours. They may take the form of a wall, a fence, a hedge, a piece of barbed wire or even some other less noticeable feature, such as the edging of a driveway.
28 March 2019 Firm updates

Leading law firm Ware & Kay, is proud to be supporting local Rugby Club Wetherby RUFC by sponsoring the home match against Goole RUFC on Saturday 6th April, kick-off 3.00pm, in their last home game of the season. Ware & Kay Solicitors enjoy a strong working relationship with Wetherby Rugby Club and are continuing to show their ongoing commitment by providing match-day sponsorship. Ian Arundel, Chairman of Wetherby RUFC said ‘On behalf of Wetherby RUFC I would like to extend a very warm welcome to our match day sponsors local Solicitors Ware & Kay. Ware & Kay have been loyal supporters of Wetherby both Senior & Junior sections for many years and their continued support is very much appreciated. Wetherby RUFC are expecting a tough encounter against Goole who have topped the league for most…
28 March 2019 Firm updates

  Ware & Kay Solicitors will be taking on the Gung-ho challenge on 13th April to raise money for the Kyra Women’s Project based in York. The team of 29 is made up of staff from offices based in York, Wetherby & Malton, family members and friends. The route is 5K long and they will tackle some of the greatest inflatable objects ever designed. Kyra, which means “strong woman” in Slavonic, is the brainchild of Yvonne Copley and provides a space where women can go for advice or just breathing space. It supports women to help them overcome challenges to make changes in their lives. Yvonne Copley CEO at Kyra commented “Kyra is a supportive, friendly place aiming to help women from all backgrounds. Someone may be new to a city, have suffered a bereavement…
21 March 2019 Firm updates

Leave your legacy to help us continue ours. If, like many other people you have been putting off writing your Will, this is your chance to put that right. Ware & Kay Solicitors has teamed up with Martin House to give you the opportunity to have your basic Will written for just £60 or £110 (inc. VAT) for a pair of basic matching (mirror) Wills - a considerable discount on their usual price. Legacies are vitally important to Martin House. In fact, they make up more than a quarter of our entire voluntary income, meaning the cost of caring for one in four of our children is covered by gifts left in Wills. Over half of UK adults have not made a Will. It's not always easy to think about what might happen when…
20 March 2019 News

Farming is an ever-evolving business, with needs and demands often dictating that the use of the land requires change. You may want to erect new structures, change the way fields are used, or even sell off part of the land to developers. However, such plans can often be dealt a blow by the existence of a restrictive covenant – a contractual obligation which regulates what the landowner can or cannot do with their land. Andrew Little, Commercial Property Solicitor and agricultural property law specialist at Pearsons & Ward in Malton explains what a restrictive covenant is and how you can go about changing or removing them to allow you to use your land as you wish. Restrictive covenants are usually written into a transfer deed between the buyer and seller when a piece of land…
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